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Law Journal Staff Research Guide

Resources of particular interest to law journal student editors.

Article Finding

There are many options beyond Lexis and Westlaw for finding articles and journals.

  • HeinOnline (Temple Law access)
    HeinOnline is the most complete source for legal publications (journals, law reviews, bar association publications) in terms of breadth and terms.  Search options are fairly simple, however, so browsing may work best if looking for a specific article.

  • Temple University Libraries catalog
    See the information in the Temple University Libraries Catalog tab for tips on searching for journals via the catalog.  This is your best bet for finding non-legal journals.

  • Academic Search Complete (Temple University access)
    EBSCO's Academic Search Complete allows for multidisciplinary searching across a broad array of academic publications, as well as some news and video sources.

  • JSTOR (Temple University access)
    JSTOR gives full-text access to nearly 2,000 academic journals, primary sources, and books across a wide range of disciplines.

  • Google Scholar
    Google Scholar sometimes will surface resources you can’t find elsewhere.  Search functionality is limited, and many journals and articles are hidden behind paywalls, so it’s best used as part of a larger research strategy.  Missouri Southern State University's Spiva Library has posted tips on using Google Scholar effectively here.

  • Institutional Repositories
    Increasingly, academic institutions place their faculty's publications, as well as graduate dissertations and student publications, in an institutional repository.  If you can find the name of the institution where the author worked or studied at the time of publication, check the repository there to see if the article of interest is housed there.

  • Social Science Research Network (SSRN) (Temple University access)
    SSRN is a good place to look for articles preprint.  Sometimes only an abstract is available, sometimes the working article.

  • Print (Temple Law access)
    The Temple Law Library has an extensive collection of print law reviews and journals on 3A and 4A.  Although not current, the collection contains some older materials not available electronically.