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Public Health Law Research Guide

A guide to finding empirical studies related to public health law.

Finding International Sources

As with other empirical studies, international materials need to be examined critically, evaluating the information source and the research’s underlying data and methodology.  Some possible sources of data and empirical studies are listed below.

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
    WHO’s publications include the Weekly Epidemiological Record, journals focused on specific issues and/or regions, and reports.  The World Health Assembly, WHO’s decision-making body, meets annually.  Its archives contain video and news releases from the most recent assembly and materials from previous assemblies.

  • The World Bank
    The World Bank provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries.  The World Bank’s open data includes health indicators such as life expectancy and causes of death, as well as additional indicators on topics such as education, urban development, and environment. 

  • The Global Fund
    The Global Fund partners with and provides funding to more than 100 countries with the goal of controlling and ending AID, tuberculosis, and malaria epidemics.  The organization’s data on disbursements and health outcomes are available here.