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Intro to Coding

This guide will introduce students to the basics of programming in any language, as well as resources useful for learning how to code in any number of languages.

Intro to Coding

This guide introduces various programming languages for scholarly research and teaching. It will overview the basics of learning to code, a few codings like Python and R for data analysis, and related technologies like APIs. 



Originally created by: Huilin Zhu & Alex Wermer-Colan

Why learn to code?

A basic understanding of the principles of coding can help Digital Humanists collaborate with those who are assigned the tasks of implementing the technical side of their projects.   

Learning how code manipulates texts can help users to perform more general tasks, and translate specific Humanities questions into the digital project.


There is an ever-changing array of tools and platforms to the coding in Digital Humanity. Listed below are some software packages that are free, and that is a good place to start.

We often advise students and researchers to start with Python for text analysis. It is easy to use and reliable.  Another good tool is R. 

Digital Scholarship Coordinator