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Choral Music

Help finding scores, recordings, and videos of choral music, as well as information on the history, teaching, and directing of choral music.

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Books: Vocal Music (ML)

ML1400-3275  Vocal Music

ML1400-  Vocal Music 
ML1402- by period
ML1410 - by country
ML1460 Vocal technique Choral music (sacred and secular)
ML1554 Kinds and forms of mixed sacred and secular

ML1600-2881 Secular vocal music

ML1600- Secular vocal music 
ML1700 -Dramatic music
ML2400 Cantatas

ML2900-3275  Sacred vocal music

ML2900 Sacred vocal music      
ML3002-3095 Catholic  
ML3088 Mass
ML3090 Stabat mater, Te Deum, etc.
ML3100-3270 Protestant
ML3201-3251 Oratorio
ML3260 Cantata       

Musical Instruction and Study: Vocal Music (MT)

MT820-949  Voice Instruction

MT825-850 Systems and methods                  
MT825 American methods
MT855-883 Special techniques
MT870 Sight-singing methods
MT875 Chorus and part singing
MT898-949 Techniques for children