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Studies in Drama: ENG 4297

Research help for the course, ENG 4297: Studies in Drama

Why Use Books?

stack of booksBooks written by scholars and published by university presses are a good source of information for many topics.

When and Why You Should Use Books:

  • You need good historical overviews of topic
  • You need broad coverage of one or more topics
  • You need a summary of existing research on a topic

Remember: Books may contain less recent information, often due to a lengthy publication process. Also, you may only need to read one chapter of a scholarly book!

Find Books at Temple

a book

Need to find a book? Use the following source to find books at Temple.

Search Tip -- Theater vs. Theatre?

For almost all online searches, the spelling theater or theatre really matters and can drastically affect search results. Note these general guidelines of when to use one or the other.

American practice (can be inconsistent):

  • Theater: standard spelling used in most U.S. academic writing and popular journalism about the discipline and productions, as well as the general term for the performance venue. Also the prescribed usage for subject descriptors in U.S.-based library catalogs and journal databases.
  • Theatre: spelling often found in titles of companies, institutes, performance houses, journals, and websites (e.g., Signature Theatre, Schubert Theatre); in publisher and distributor names (Applause Theatre, Theatre Communications Group); and in academic and arts-focused writing to express the collective art form (e.g., "the American theatre," "theatre arts," "theatre and performance studies").

British & Canadian practice: 

  • Theatre for all contexts (including titles of books issued  jointly in the U.S. and the U.K., such as the Oxford and Cambridge university presses, and several others).

Tip: A truncation search on theat* will retrieve results on both spellings, plus the plural forms and the adjective "theatrical."

Tip: Use theater when doing a subject search in Library Search or library database.

Videos on Search Strategies

Choosing Keywords

Putting Together Your Search Terms

Narrowing or Broadening Your Search

Select Books