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Health Policy and Management Fieldwork I: HPM 9289

course guide of readings and resources for assignments

Library Search

Use Library Search to find and access books, videos and other media from Temple libraries collections and databases. You can search title words, topics, subjects and author names. The results are first displayed by "Relevance", a calculation of what matches your interest most. You can then use the filters along the left hand side to make the search more specific.

To search for manuals and handbooks, enter "handbooks, manuals, etc" in the subject or genre field along with subject/topic terms.

Special Focus/Topics

Ebook searching

Use this Library Search box to find ebooks from all of the sources to which Temple has access.

Can't find something?

Book & Media Searching Tips

Use Subclass R Medicine (General) and Subclass RA Public aspects of medicine.

Library of Congress (LC) Classification (Call Numbers) (Z is bibliography sources) is used to catalog or group books and media about the same class of subjects. Within the Library Search results, under limit your search, select Library of Congress Classification and the letter "R".

  • Medicine Directories R 711 - 713.97
  • Medical philosophy. Medical Ethics R 723 - 726
  • Medical Personnel and the Public R727.
  • Practice of Medicine - Medical practice economics - Management and Planning R 728 - 733
  • Medical Records R 864
  • Public aspects of medicine RA1 - 1270
  • Health status indicators. Medical statistics and surveys.  RA 407 - 409.5
  • Medical centers. Hospitals. Dispensaries. Clinics including ambulance service, nursing homes, hospices. RA 960 -1000.5

Search for Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and enter the headings in Library Search under "subject" field.

The links below are to the LCSH website with a description of each heading. To browse headings by beginning letter, visit Library of Congress Subject Headings PDF Files. You can copy relevant LCSH and enter them in the Library Search "subject" field.

Alternatively, from the result for Books & Media Library Search, you can also select the hyperlinked terms that appear in the subject field.  One book may have several different subjects to indicate what the book is about. 

Examples:  Selecting a linked heading below will return all books in our Library Search collections with that subject.

Management and Evaluation

Add the heading "Handbooks, manuals, etc" or "methodology" to the LCSH.

Examples for different research methods handbooks

Enter "bibliography" after the LCSH for "all fields" or in the subject field.

Use this method or enter a subject and look at the "Z" Library of Congress Classification results to find lists of books, articles and other sources of information that form the literature of a subject

Search or select the author or contributor linked name to bring up all books under that name.