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Medical Humanities: About Medical Humanities

Medical Humanities

The Medical Humanities Collection includes interdisciplinary titles that relate the arts and humanities to medical education and practice. This includes books on the subjects of ethics, religion, literature, and social issues, and their application to medical topics.

Come browse our medical humanities titles.  The collection is now located on the first floor of the Ginsburg Health Sciences Library, just past the reference desk and the Leisure Reading Collection.

Interested in more about Medical Humanities? Explore these journals.

Journal of the Medical Humanities

Journal of Medical Humanities publishes original papers reflecting its broad perspective on interdisciplinary studies of medicine and medical education. Research findings emerge from three areas of investigation: medical humanities, cultural studies, and pedagogy. Medical humanities coverage includes literature, history, philosophy, and bioethics as well as areas of the social and behavioral sciences that have strong humanistic traditions. Inquiries based on cultural studies may include multidisciplinary activities involving the humanities; women's, African-American, and other critical studies; media studies and popular culture; and sociology and anthropology. Lastly, pedagogical perspectives elucidate what and how knowledge is made and valued in medicine, how that knowledge is expressed and transmitted, and the ideological basis of medical education.


 Medical Humanities

journal cover  Medical Humanities is a leading international journal that reflects the whole field of medical humanities. Medical Humanities aims to encourage a high academic standard for this evolving and developing subject and to enhance professional and public discussion. It features original articles relevant to the delivery of healthcare, the formulation of public health policy, the experience of being ill and of caring for those who are ill, as well as case conferences, educational case studies, book, film, and art reviews, editorials, correspondence, news and notes. To ensure international relevance Medical Humanities has Editorial Board members from all around the world.


Books On Medical Humanities