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Hours and Contact Info

The Innovation Space is open:

Mon: 8AM - 8PM
Tues: 8AM - 8PM
Wed: 8AM - 6PM
Thurs: 8AM - 8PM
Fri: 8AM - 8PM


About The Innovation Space

Our goal is to provide the tools you need to make your ideas a reality with the use of rapid prototyping technologiesvirtual reality applications, and high performance computing.

Whether you want to design a new cell phone case, immerse yourself in anatomy through virtual reality, or create a 3D print of a patient’s heart for a better look, the Innovation Space is equipped to make it happen. Stop in and ask us how we can help you innovate!

Submit a 3D Printing Request

To submit a 3D print request, please fill out the form at the link:

Innovation Highlight: Augmented Reality