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Ready, Set, Research! Materials for Writing Your Research Paper

Writing a research paper is a marathon, not a sprint. Prepare accordingly!

This library guide will help as you:

1. Choose a topic and run a preemption check.

Learn what's happening in the field to find a current, interesting topic, and make sure no one else has written on your topic from your angle.

2. Make a plan. What types of information do you need? What materials can you use to find that information?

This guide contains information to help find government documents, legislative and regulatory history, and resources beyond Westlaw and Lexis.

In addition, the law library has reference librarians who would be happy to talk to you about available resources – stop by the Research Desk for a chat or email to make an appointment. 

3. Document what you do – resources consulted, search strings, and where you found your information. 

The Tools tab lists some tools that can help you save and organize your research.