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Connect to Resources from Off-Campus

Accessing restricted resources from links outside the library website

If you are off campus, you may come upon a resource that Temple does pay for access to, but, since you are off campus, the resource will not give you access (or may ask you to pay for services). It is possible to "proxy" the URL you are at and gain access. 

The easiest way to do this is through this bookmarklet. 

Drag the following link to your browser's toolbar (or right click and add it to your favorites/bookmarks). 

***** Proxy This ***** 
(Note: Using the above bookmarklet requires a JavaScript-capable browser with JavaScript enabled.) 

When you are on a resource restricting your access, click on this bookmark. It will automatically add the proxy prefix to the URL and reload the page. 
Screenshot of Google Scholar search result from JSTOR
[Screenshot from Google Scholar.] 

For instance if you search in Google Scholar, you will find many links to such restricted resources as JSTOR, Project Muse, or Science Direct. If you simply follow the link you will be denied access. If you follow the link and then use the proxy bookmarklet, you can login and view the article without having to go into the database through the library website and then searching for the article.