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Philadelphia Directories

This research guide provides quick links to historical Philadelphia directories and some of the work done on them in the recent historical area of study called geohistory.


This page is to set out links arranged by date of the Philadelphia directories known to be online, beginning with the earliest in 1785, which were also America's first directories.  Almost all directories up to and including 1867 are available online, though few are yet put into database format.  Coverage in online format of post-1867 directories is somewhat haphazard, though many are available as microfilm or in physical form.  

Please note that some of the original copies from which scans were taken are missing pages.  If a specific directory (that is, not just the same year but by the same compiler) is listed twice, it means that two separate copies are available online.  Missing pages in one will not usually be missing in the other. If the content you're after is available in no online copy, please click the tab above titled "Sources of non-online directories" (or this link) for help finding a physical or microform copy.

Some years are available as e-books through Temple Library databases, by way of the Gale Group, but most of these are included as backups to the copies linked to on the Internet Archive, which-- unlike the Gale copies-- can be downloaded.

Philadelphia directories online, 18th century

Philadelphia directories online, 1801-1850

Philadelphia directories online, 1851-present