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Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences PSYCH 0825 – 001

Spring 2023

Welcome! Top Resources / Starting Points

Image of social network icons <a href="">Social Networks Icon #168031</a>Use the resources in this guide to help start, continue and finish your projects in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences for Psyc 0825-01, Spring 2023. For more help, contact the librarian.


Anthropological, psychological, political, social, and economic arguments and knowledge frequently depend on the use of numerical data. An anthropologist might examine how population differences in genes explains population differences in health outcomes; a psychologist might hypothesize that I.Q. is attributable to environmental or genetic factors; a politician might claim that hand gun control legislation will reduce crime; a sociologist might assert that social mobility is more limited in the United States than in other countries, and an economist might declare that globalization lowers the incomes of U.S. workers.

It helps to see how research on your topic has used data and from where they have sourced their data. Use these databases to find high quality research articles. Ask a librarian for more specific databases as you focus on your topic.

Google Scholar is great for finding at least something, but because it strives to index the world of information there are usually more efficient ways to find sources. [Example search: neighborhood AND academic achievement ] The databases below structure information and have filters for making your searches more precise.

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