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Psychology Literature Searching

Undergraduate skills and resources organized into where they are most likely to be of use.


Escher birds woodcutUse the resources in this guide for learning and teaching with different search tools and techniques when looking for psychological research.



All undergraduates receive some general training in information literacy via their English 802/812/902 course, which use tutorials such as the one for English 802.  The goal there is to distinguish scholarly publications from those written for a general audience and where one might go to find them. There is no general follow-up to this. 

The sources and resources here are divided into the three levels where Psychology undergraduates are most likely to encounter the need for information literacy. These usually entail writing intensive assignments.

Introductory Level courses

Research Methods Level courses

Capstone Level  courses

An end goal for all of this can be captured in the ability to read a research article backwards, from the reference list to the context where they are cited in the text, understanding why the references are used where they are and what choices were made in selecting these supporting citations over others.

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