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Religion in the World: REL 0863 / ASST 0863

A library course guide for this General Education course

Media Critique Assignment

How does the popular media talk about religion?

This project should demonstrate your ability to engage in critical and practical thinking skills by critiquing two non-academic (i.e. newspaper or magazine) articles on the same issue (or topic/event) found in two different media sources (newspapers or magazines). 

Assignment goals:

  • Use research databases to find interesting and relevant popular media sources (newspapers and magazines)
  • Identify and critically analyze the different ways religion is discussed and portrayed in the news media

Search Tips

  1. Try both the basic and advanced searches of databases.
  2. On the search results page...
    • Limit your search results by date, to the most recent three years;
    • Limit your search results by Source (Document/Content) Type to newspapers and magazines;
    • In the article record, look for the "word count" to see if the article is 1000 or more words.

Find Popular Sources--Newspapers and Magazines