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Evidence Synthesis and Systematic Reviews

This guide will help you get started with your next evidence synthesis review

About this Guide

Welcome to the Temple University Libraries guide on evidence synthesis reviews 

This guide will help you

  •     Learn about the types of review methods 
  •     Provide resources to help you decide which review type is best for your project 
  •     Introduce you to tools that can help you in every step of your review 
  •     Provide resources for reviews by discipline and type  
  •     Provide resources for grey literature searching
  •     Suggest evidence synthesis books available at Temple University Libraries

Use the tabs on the side of the page to get started

What is Evidence Synthesis?

Evidence Synthesis is  

  • The interpretation of individual studies within the context of global knowledge for a given topic  
  • Provides a rigorous and transparent knowledge base for translating research in decisions
  • The basic unit of knowledge used in tools such as policy brief or clinical practice guideline  
  • The “evidence-base” in evidence-based policy, or evidence-based medicine etc.  
  • Uses explicit and transparent methodology in the formation of the questions they address 
  • Uses transparent methodology to show how studies are identified, selected, appraised, analyzed, and the strength of the evidence assessed to answer the question posed
  • Includes many different kinds of review types with systematic reviews being the most well-known

Taken from 

“What Is Evidence Synthesis?” Evidence Synthesis International, 30 May 2016,

Support for Evidence Synthesis

Systematic reviews and other review methodologies in the evidence synthesis process are complex and require not only expertise, but specific knowledge and skillsets.  

Temple University provides an Evidence Synthesis Educational Service and a Evidence Synthesis and Systematic Review Service for Temple University students, residents, staff, faculty, and Temple University Hospital staff. 

Check out our Evidence Synthesis and Systematic Review Services page to sign up for an education session or Submit an Intake Form to start working with a librarian on your review 

Still unsure if you should work with a librarian on your Evidence Synthesis review? Check out Ways a Librarian Can Support Your Evidence Synthesis Review