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Systematic Reviews & Other Review Types

This guide will help you get started with your next systematic review, scoping review, or other review types.

Systematic Review Tools

This guide focuses on free or open source tools.


General Tools

Helpful for multiple stages of the review process.

Specific Tools for Planning the Review

Reporting Guidelines: Not sure what to report in your review, locate a reporting guideline.

Protocol Registration: A first step to organize the review and prevent bias is creating and registering a protocol.

Organizing & Collaborating with a Team: Teamwork is core to the systematic review.  

Tools for Literature Searching

Not interested in conducting your own search? You may use our systematic review search service instead! 

Citation Managers & Deduplication Software

Tools for Screening

Did you know screening includes 2 or more reviewers and must be done independent and blinded from the other reviewer(s)?

Screening References using EndNote (requires a subscription)

Data Extraction

Tools for Meta-Analysis

Tools for Writing

Tools for Language Translation

Tools for Creating Risk of Bias Figures