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Technology Guide

This guide contains tech tools for learning, practice, and teaching.

Research and Writing Tools

Citation Check and Brief Analysis Tools

Study Aids

Tech Devices at Temple Law Library

1. Virtual Reality Headsets (3 hour checkout)

  • Oculus Go: Take a study break with this all-in-one VR headset. Can be used with prescription glasses.
  • BNext: Use your favorite VR app from your smartphone with this headset to get the full VR experience. Fits 4-6.2 inch smartphones. Cannot be used with prescription glasses.

2. USB Drives (3 hour checkout)

3. Printers: For all printing information, visit

4. KIC Scanner: Use flatbed scanner for books, and ADF for unbound pages. Scan no more than 30 pages at a time. Images will delete after 5 minutes of inactivity.

  • Click "Scan" button on screen to start session.
  • Accept agreement.
  • Click "Scan" button to proceed.
  • Send PDF to email or USB drive.
  • Optional: Change file name to reflect what has been scanned.
  • Enter email and send to email.
  • Delete your images.
  • End your session.