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Research Impact & Scholarly Credentials

Information, tools, and suggestions for documenting the significance of scholarly credentials and accomplishments.

How Can I Increase My Impact?

There are ways for researchers to increase their visibility and impact. Keep in mind, of course, that methods for increasing visibility and impact vary across disciplines.


Use Author Identifiers and/or Profiles

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Author identifiers disambiguate authors with the same or similar name. Because they persist even if you change your name, switch fields, or relocate, having an author identifier ensures that your work is discovered and attributed to you. An identifier will simplify updating your CV or preparing an annual report because it streamlines the process of compiling a bibliography of your work. Searchable author identifier registries contain researcher profiles and lists of citations.

Share Your Research Online

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There are a variety of online places you can share your work to increase and track its visibility. Here are some to get you started:

Find & Connect with Likeminded Researchers

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Academic social networking sites can help you develop and grow your professional network. They offer opportunities to easily follow and connect with other scholars in a field in ways that previously could not have happened by only attending conferences. They may lead to future research opportunities, including collaborative ones (e.g. future papers, projects, grants, conferences. etc.). They may also offer a platform for relaying your research activities or viewpoints on topics of interest– and get feedback on them. 

Enhance Discoverability & Dissemination

Increasing the Visibility of Your Research