View and Save Micro-materials

A how to guide for using Powerscan 3000 Microform readers


Welcome to Paley Library Media Services! The purpose of this guide is to show you how to easily save digital images of the content stored on microfilm and microfiche. The scanners in Paley Library use Powerscan hardware and software to create these digital images.

Choosing your Format and getting started

To get started:

1. Log on to the computer terminal with your access net username and password (note: alumni and guests will need to be logged in by the Media Specialist or by the tech assistant on duty at the first floor reference desk)

2. Choose the shortcut for Powerscan 3000 from the desktop menu. it looks like this:

PowerScan Icon Screenshot

3. Once you open Powerscan, you'll want to choose the proper format. Most often, you'll choose from either a 35mm Microfilm reel or a positive or negative microfilm sheet. All of the microfilm stored at Paley Library are 35mm reels, though you may acquire other formats from the depository and inter library loan.