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Find Book Reviews (All Disciplines): Find Book Reviews

Find full-text book reviews from both general sources and discipline-specific journals

Book Review Periodicals

These periodicals specialize in reviews of both academic and popular book titles:

H-Net Reviews

H-Net provides full text scholarly book reviews, 1993 to date, in the humanities and social sciences. RSS feeds for numerous academic fields and sub-fields are available.


Finding Book Reviews: The Basics

The most important full-text journal databases, JSTOR and ProjectMUSEare both excellent tools for locating scholarly book reviews, as to a lesser extent is Academic Search Premier. Use JSTOR to find reviews of books with an imprint more than a few years old, and ProjectMUSE to find reviews of books published in the last several years. Please keep in mind that all three of these databases index substantive journal articles in addition to book reviews, so be sure to limit your search to "Reviews" in JSTOR, "Reviews Only" in ProjectMUSE, and "Book Review" in Academic Search Premier.

The following are dedicated book review databases available through Temple University Libraries:

Finding Book Reviews: More Options

Many of the Libraries' discipline-specific databases index scholarly book reviews. In fact, these abstracting and indexing databases are often the preferred way to find book reviews because they cover (or index) the peer-reviewed literature of a given discipline, and reviews published in peer-reviewed journals generally do the best job of situating books within wider disciplinary debates. For example, to find reviews of United States history books written by historians a user should search the library databases America: History & Life and/or Historical Abstracts. Keep in mind that most databases allow users to limit their searches to book reviews only.

Reviews of scholarly books (or monographs) are particularly important in certain text-heavy disciplines. The subject specialist librarians in these fields have created separate pages in their research guides for how to find book reviews:

Not included in the discipline-specific abstracting and indexing databases just discussed, the following databases constitute a more complete list of our 1) dedicated book review databases; and 2) general interest databases that also include book reviews:

Bold indicates source contains reviews from scholarly journals, or a mix of reviews from scholarly and general-interest periodicals.

(†) - Databases marked with (†) can be searched together on the Wilson platform. Click "Open Database Selection Area," and then check off the boxes next to the desired databases. Check the box next to "Peer Reviewed" in the "Limit to:" section if desired, but make sure the check box next to "Reader's Guide Full Text" is also checked, otherwise you might not be able to see/choose this option.

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