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Book Reviews (All Disciplines)

Find full-text book reviews from both general sources and discipline-specific journals

Book Reviews for a General Audience

Literature and popular works (memoirs, travel writing, manuals, etc.) are often reviewed by journalists or fellow authors upon publication in newspapers or magazines. Use the following databases to find reviews in these publications.

Other Sources for Book Reviews

Many reviews for general audiences are published in newspapers and magazines. Use the guide below to find the best databases to search for reviews in these publications.

Book Reviews for a Scholarly Audience

Scholarly books are reviewed in academic or peer-reviewed journals and are written by academics. As these reviews place the work in the context of current scholarship, they can take several years to appear after the book was published.

Using Library Search to Locate Reviews

For best results, limit to 'Reviews' from the Resource Type category in your results list.


example of resources listed under Resource Type in results list

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