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Visual Anthropology: Books

A Guide to Resources at Temple and Elsewhere

Theses/ Dissertations

Most dissertations owned by Temple University Libraries are those done at Temple. Pre-2008 dissertations are listed in The Library Search by author, title, and subject.

Beginning in 2008 Temple dissertations are available online in Temple University Electronic Theses & Dissertations

Most Temple Dissertations done within the last 20 years and earlier are available online through the database Proquest Dissertations & Theses. (Restricted to Temple staff and students)

To locate dissertations from other institutions, as well as Temple, use the database Proquest Dissertations & Theses (Restricted Use - Temple Staff Only). 

Non-Temple dissertations may be purchased from ProQuest or borrowed through Inter-Library Loan/Document Delivery.

Many universities, including Temple, are making their dissertations freely available for downlaod over the Internet. A list of these universities can be found at OpenDoar, which is a searchable directory of academic open access repositories. To see a list of universities which make their dissertations available online, click here: OPENDOAR. Click the search button to renew the list.


How to find books on this topic

Use The Library Search, Temple University Libraries' online catalog, to find which books, journal titles and other materials are available in the TU library collections.

Use the Subject search in Library Search to locate books about Visual Anthropology. For a broad search, use VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY as your subject. For a narrower search, use MOTION PICTURES IN ETHNOLOGY, PHOTOGRAPHY IN ETHNOLOGY, or VIDEO RECORDING IN ETHNOLOGY as your subject. Another related term to use is VISUAL SOCIOLOGY.

To locate books not available from TU Libraries, use a union catalog, which is a catalog containing the catalog records of many different library catalogs:

a comprehensive database containing more than 32 million records describing items owned by libraries around the world.

Web Archive in Visual Anthropology. An archive of resources for people interested in the anthropology of visual communication, featuring out-of-print and unpublished materials useful for teaching and research. Begin anthropological research by reviewing a research guide in order to become familiar with reference books and information sources in Anthropology

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Some recommended books. All books are available online.

All books below are available online. The library has many other books about Visual Anthropology and related topics. Use The Library Search (formerly Diamond) to locate them.