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Community Engagement: Lending Collection

Information and resources for health sciences programs conducting community outreach.

Ginsburg Health Sciences Library

The library is working with Community Engagement Dept. to make available resources that you can bring to your communities to help you teach the people you visit and learn about available education resources for that purpose.

Books and Games are given an identifying label to make it easier for library staff to store and find them. Ask for them by number and title, they are not in our library catalog. Items check out for 7 days but if you need extended time let the library staff member know when you check it out.

Basic Anatomy Models

Check out models at the circulation desk.

4 boxes for build it models-ear, skeleton, heart, body



        Build a model: Ear, Skeleton, Heart, Body

2 Anatomical Posters: One on the skeleton, the other general anatomy information:

Skeletal System Anatomical Chart


Books available in print for kids as well as learning resources for students working out in the communities. These are not in the our online catalog system but instead have a special location and system set up.

Books can be checked out at circulation. Just let staff know what title you want and the # assigned to it. A quick list is below or use the attached Excel file. 

Here are a few examples:

Books Quick list

  • ​CE-BTG 1              Human Body Thematic Unit
  • CE-BTG 2              Health Grade 4
  • CE-BTG 3              Art for the Very Young
  • CE-BTG 4              Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox
  • CE-BTG 5              My First Picture Book
  • CE-BTG 6              The Lion Who Had Asthma
  • CE-BTG 7              What to Expect When You Go to the Dentist
  • CE-BTG 8              Building Better Bodies Book 1
  • CE-BTG 9              Science Action Labs- Health Science: Active Health Investigations
  • CE-BTG 10            Good Health Habits For Grade III
  • CE-BTG 11            Personal Care Series: Nutrition
  • CE-BTG 12            Personal Care Series:Exercise
  • CE-BTG 13            Beatrice's Goat
  • CE-BTG 14            The Colors of Us
  • CE-BTG 15            Can you see what I see? Seymour and the Juice Box Boat
  • CE-BTG 16            The Spaghetti Party
  • CE-BTG 17            Gross Anatomy (Crash Course: Games for Brains)
  • CE-BTG 18            The missing tooth
  • CE-BTG 19            Inside your Outside: All About the Human Body (Cat in the Hat's…)
  • CE-BTG 20            Mister Rogers' Play Time
  • CE-BTG 21            N-O Spells NO!
  • CE-BTG 22            What's Wrong Here
  • CE-BTG 23            Beat the Clock
  • CE-BTG 24            The World Turns Round and Round
  • CE-BTG 25            Great Teaching with Graphic Organizers
  • CE-BTG 26            Conflict Resolution: Teaching Children to Work Together, Grades K-3
  • CE-BTG 27            Hidden Pictures, Grades PK-1(Home Workbooks)
  • CE-BTG 28            I have a cold
  • CE-BTG 29            Your Amazing Senses
  • CE-BTG 30            Amazing Body Board Book

Boxed Games


CE-BTG 32  Operation Skill game board

CE-BTG 33  Community Game- A co-operative

CE-BTG 34 Food Bingo


CE-BTG 35-Make up a game: bag of pieces, string, hole punch

On Community Work by Temple Students

                  CE-BTG 31