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Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good (Prof. Stone)

This guide is for sections of Intellectual Heritage II (IH0852) taught by Prof. Hana Stone.

Welcome! Who is this guide for?

This library research guide is for TUJ students enrolled in sections of Intellectual Heritage II (IH0852) taught by Prof. Hana Stone. 

If you are enrolled in IH II at Temple's main campus, or if you are enrolled in IH II at TUJ but with a different professor, you are welcome to look at this guide - but please know that it has been tailored to the specific assignments in Prof. Stone's classes.

How will this guide help you?

In Prof. Stone's IH II class, you are asked to read a variety of material that may address topics that are entirely new to you, or that prompt you to think about familiar topics from new angles.  To deepen your engagement with the material, you are asked to complete the Independent Research Journal (IRJ) assignments.  The IRJ prompts you to identify something you want to learn more about, and then search for resources that might help you expand your knowledge.

The role of the library is to support your efforts to find the resources the best meet your information needs, whatever those needs may be!

This guide will help you navigate the vast, and sometimes confusing, array of resources that are available to you as a Temple University student.  We have over 50,000 items in our physical collections here at the Japan Campus, and access to more than 1100 databases containing millions of electronic books, articles, and audiovisual material.  Knowing where to start can be a challenge even for very experienced researchers. 

Luckily, the librarians at TUJ are here to help.  Whether it's through this guide, during class, via email or chat, or in-person at the library, we want you to become very comfortable asking us for advice.  You'll practice this skill in this class, but we hope you'll continue to draw upon it throughout your time at TUJ and beyond.

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