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Ebooks - Finding and Using

Introduction to ebooks and how to find them through Temple Libraries (restricted) and public sources


Image of Da Vinci book on flight of birdsThis is an introduction to finding and using ebooks primarily through the Temple University Libraries.

Library Search for Ebooks

Library Search will find ebooks from all of the sources to which Temple has access. You can search title words, topics, subjects and author names.  The results are first displayed by "Relevance", a calculation of what matches your interest most. You can then use the filters along the left hand side to make the search more specific.

Use Advanced Search for specific author, title, subject or publisher

For example, a search for "Higher education" in ebooks looks like this:

image of library search advanced for ebooks..and the result:

image of library search advanced for ebooks


Content adapted from RMIT University Library, e-Book Guide

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