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Ebooks - Finding and Using

Introduction to ebooks and how to find them through Temple Libraries (restricted) and public sources

How to use ebooks - Accessing Temple ebooks

To access any of the electronic resources provided by Temple Libraries, you will be prompted to login with your Temple username and password. Off-campus access is limited to Temple students, faculty, and staff.

Reading ebooks

eBooks are easy to read online using a computer or a mobile device such as an e-book reader, tablet or smart phone

Look in ebook databases for the search options for keywords or phrases within the book. There may also be enhanced features such as animations, video and audio supplements, hyperlinks and dictionaries. 


Most ebooks display as PDF files. To read an ebook online, usually all you need is:

  • a computer, tablet or smart phone with an Internet connection
  • PDF viewing software
  • an up-to-date web browser. 

Some ebooks have their own inbuilt reader which displays content similar to PDFs, however some e-book publishers require you to download additional software such as Adobe Digital Editions to save or download an ebook.   

Temple Libraries provides technical support for accessing e-books.

Ebook reader devices and formats