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Women in U.S. History: HIST/GSWS 3225

Scholarly Article Databases

Searching for Books and Book Chapters

Recommended Women's History Journals

The contents of these journals can be searched in the recommended article databases. You can browse the journals directly to get ideas for topics or themes in women's history.

Journal Articles vs. Book Chapters

Some databases, especially JSTOR, include book chapters as well as scholarly journal articles. Both are valuable peer-reviewed academic sources. 

  • Journal articles are published in scholarly journals, most of which release new issues several times a year. Pay attention to the title of the journal to learn about the topics and themes covered in that publication.
  • Book chapters are one section of a larger book, which may all be written by one author, or each chapter may have a different author. All the chapters in a book work together to make a wider argument. Look at the book's introduction and table of contents to see how a chapter you found fits with the broader topics in the book.