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Athletic Training

This guide is intended for students and faculty in the Athletic Training program.

PubMed Advanced Searching

Click on the Advanced link under the PubMed search box.

PubMed advanced search button











In the top search box (called Add terms to the query box), enter one search term and add synonyms/related terms with the word 'or' between. Then click the Add button.

PubMed advanced search builder's add button







Also in the top box (called Add terms to the query box), add your next search term, and add its synonyms/related terms with the word 'or' between. Then click the button AND:

PubMed advanced search builder's and button






What PubMed will do is, in the second box (called the Query box), it will place your two sets of synonyms together with the word AND between them. It will automatically put parentheses around each set of synonyms so that it looks like this:

PubMed's advanced search builder query box





Now you can hit the Search button on the right to see your results!

PubMed simple search vs advanced search






The image above shows the difference in running a simple search (#1, with only 52 results) versus a more advanced search (#2, with 4,160 results). Remember that using OR brings you MORE (search results).

SportDiscus Advanced Searching

Databases like SportDiscus and CINAHL will offer synonyms for your search! You just need to start typing your first word or phrase and pause. You can then select one of their drop-down options. Feel free to also type any additional terms; just put the word 'or' between each phrase.

SportDiscus advanced search screen

Go down to the next search box and type your second term. Again, pause to see what suggestions are listed in the drop-down menu.

More search terms in SportDiscus search screen

Once your search is set up, just hit the green Search button to show articles!