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Climate Change: Oceans to Atmosphere (EES2096)

Recommended library and other research resources for EES2096

In-Text Citations & References

In this course, you will be following the reference and citation guidelines used by the journal Nature. In-text citations should be indicated with a number in superscript, not brackets. For example:

"Recent work has also illuminated contrasting controls on GHG emissions from reservoirs and natural lakes11."

This number must correspond to the appropriate source in the reference section. References should be numbered sequentially as they appear in the text. Follow this checklist to make sure your references are formatted correctly:

  • Authors should be listed surname first, followed by a comma and initials of given names
  • All authors should be included in reference lists unless there are more than five, in which case only the first author should be given, followed by ‘et al’ 
  • Titles of all cited articles should be in upright, not italic text; the first word of the title is capitalized, the title written exactly as it appears in the work cited, ending with a full stop
  • Book titles are italic with all main words capitalized
  • Journal titles are italic and abbreviated according to common usage
  • Volume numbers are bold
  • The publisher and city of publication are required for books cited.

Here is what the reference would look like for the above example:

11. Deemer, B. R. & Holgerson, M. A. Drivers of methane flux differ between lakes and reservoirs, complicating global upscaling efforts. J. Geophys. Res. Biogeosci. 126, e2019JG005600 (2021).

Feel free to consult Nature's formatting guidelines to learn more. 


Citation Resources at Temple

Citation Managers

A citation manager is a program used to store, organize, share, and output citations. It saves the writer/researcher from having to type out the same citation and bibliography over and over again by hand.

Citation managers make it easy to:

  • Gather citations from databases and websites
  • Edit, organize, and search citations
  • Output citations in many formats (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)

Citation managers integrate with word-processing programs for inputting in-text citations and generating the corresponding bibliographies.
Temple supports three citation managers: EndNote/EndNote WebMendeley, and Zotero. Feel free to contact your librarian for assistance with any of these.