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Using the Presentation Practice Room

This guide will teach you how to use the hardware and software in the Presentation Practice Rooms in the LCDSS


Screenshot of OBS Sources area with multiple sources listedSources will determine what devices or software OBS is using to create the video output. These can include webcams, microphones, computer screens, and software windows.

By default we have created some preset sources for common configurations. These can be toggled on and off by clicking the little eyeball icon next to the source. You can however create your own sources based on your needs. For example if you wanted to have a web browser window visible, but not the whole screen you can add that window as a source.

Sources can be re-scaled and repositioned if needed. Simply Click on the source in the preview window and you will see red positioning and scaling tools pop up. Dragging the corners will rescale, and dragging the entire source window will reposition it.


Scenes are saved layouts that have one or more sources selected and positioned. We have created several presets for various options to allow different styles of presentations. Clicking a scene will show you what the layout looks like and will show you which sources are used. You can toggle the sources on or off if you need to customize the scene a little more.


To start recording your presentation, simply press the "Start Recording" button. Once recording, the button will change to "Stop Recording". Pressing this button will stop the recording and create your file.

By default, the recordings are sent to a folder that is on the desktop. You can simply copy the file of your recording to a USB drive, or upload it to OneDrive or another cloud solution.

These files can be rather large (depending on the length of the video), so make sure you have enough space available to you.