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Career Resources

A LibGuide for the TUJ Career Team

Books for Students

Below are some select books about Career Development and Leadership from our library collection. Feel free to browse the "H" section of our library shelves to see our social sciences collection.


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Job Hunting



Vocational Guidance (Careers in Psychology, Art, Fashion, etc.)

Books for Counselors

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Career Development


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Temple University Japan book catalog
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Temple University eBook catalog
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Finding Books in the Library

University libraries organize their books by subject on the library shelves. They use an organization system called Library of Congress (LC)  Classification.  

When you find books through a Library Search, you'll notice that some are electronic (available fully online), while others are located in the library.  Books that are in the library will have a call number, which identifies the exact place you'll find it on the shelves. 

Watch this short tutorial to understand how to find a book using its call number.

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