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World Society in Literature & Film -- China ASST 0868

A collection of useful resources for students in Chinese sections of World Society in Literature & Film.

Why Books?

rows of bookshelves

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Question: What value lies in books?  Why, for example, would a researcher choose a book over a journal?

Answer: Because of their length, books tend to provide more comprehensive treatment of a topic. Books can also be useful for providing footnotes to additional materials. 

Browse for Books by Subject

Use the following Subject Headings to find books related to your course:

  • China -- Political culture
  • China -- Social conditions
  • China -- Social Life and Customs
  • Chinese Literature -- History and Criticism
  • Chinese Literature -- 20th Century -- History and Criticism
  • Motion pictures -- China
  • Motion pictures -- China -- History
  • Motion pictures -- China -- History -- 20th Century
  • Motion pictures -- China -- History -- 21st century
  • Motion pictures -- China -- Hong Kong

Select eBooks

Cambridge Companion to Modern Chinese Culture
Postsocialism and Cultural Politics
Creative Industries in China
Changing Media Changing China