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Human Security POLS 3503_001

Resources for citation searching for Fall 2023

Google Scholar "Cited by" search

Google Scholar is a great and easy tool for finding who has cited an article or book.

For example, one course has a suggested reading: Racism in the structure of everyday worlds: A cultural-psychological perspective

Here is a search on the title. The search is going through the Temple proxy, so it shows if Temple has direct access to the article on the right:

Image of Google Scholar Search

This shows how many times it has been cited by other sources in Google Scholar - the "Cited by" link (articles, books, papers) and also by the much more selective database Web of Science (which is almost all only articles.)

If you click on the "Cited by" link, you can search within the set of sources that have cited it using specific terms.

Google Scholar cited by search

You can also click on the Web of Science link in the Google Scholar record to use the powerful tools in that database, such as ranking the articles by most times cited and the link to Related Records on the right side of the record of a recent article to find who is citing the same articles and likely doing similar research.

Web of Science record