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Critical Thinking in Psychology PSY 1004

Resources and exercise

Getting Ideas

Sources for general audiences (documentaries, magazines, newspapers, blogs, podcasts) are great for finding topics.  No shame in starting this way! Research is often reported in sources written so that the ideas and significance are much easier to understand (not formally presented -- as in scholarly journals).

For articles about psychology topics, these magazines are generally pretty interesting and readable::Psychology Today articles (or the Psychology Today web site),  Scientific American Mind and Scientific American articles (use the "Search within this publication" link), , Psychological Science in the Public Interest , Current Directions in Psychological Science and APA Psychology Topics. Search the names of the researchers you see reported on in other databases to find more from their original papers.

New York Times Topics Psychology and Psychologists brings together highly readable articles that report on and point to research from a well respected newspaper that many professors and researchers read as well.

Consider listening to these Neuroscience and Psychology podcasts

More scholarly but still fairly easy to read are topic surveys in the journals Trends in Cognitive Science, Current Directions in Psychological Science and Annual Reviews Online.

Also, consider checking in on what Temple faculty are publishing: CAB Lab, Department of Psychology News, and Temple University Psychology faculty profiles