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Legal Studies - Law & American Society

Selected Websites

There are thousands of web sites relating to Supreme Court cases/decisions of the United States.  Here are some credible sites to access cases, opinions, and analysis of court rulings.


Wikipedia Logo

Wikipedia can be great reference resource to start learning about your topic.  It can help you with:

  • Developing some background knowledge about your topic, including an overview, definitions, and outline.
  • Discovering keywords, including related terms, sub-topics, and names of notable people, places, and events.
  • Finding links to other relevant resources.

It's generally true that Wikipedia should:

  • NOT be used as a main or only source of information for your project.
  • NOT be quoted/cited as a reference source in your final project.

REMEMBER: Always make sure to follow the requirements communicated by your teacher. The appropriateness of different information resources varies depending on the circumstances of specific assignments and topics.

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