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Writing for Sociology

Developing the Sociological Imagination

Let's Play A Game

Role-Playing-Games (RPGs) can be useful for teaching methodology because of their ability to allow students to observe and analyze society from a new perspective. Simpson and Elias describe a game "based on a clearly articulated theoretical foundation, reflects contemporary American demographics, and recreates the full breath of social structures and relationships, that "develops critical thinking skills, encourages the sociological imagination, and is applicable to a wide range of classes and topics". The game was enjoyed by students, aided them in learning sociological concepts and encouraged social critique beyond the classroom.

Read the Simpson and Elias article about the RPG they developed to "nurture the development of a sociological imagination" in students:

Choices and Changes: The Sociology Role-Playing Game - The Sociological Imagination in Practice by Joseph M. Simpson and Vicky L. Elias. Teaching Sociology (2011), Vol. 39 (1) 42-56.

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