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Research posters

A guide to creating, editing, and presenting a successful research poster.


Your poster should be used as a visual tool. Do not read directly from the poster. Depending on the environment or circumstances you will want to prepare an appropriate presentation about your research. Consult this page for videos and articles on presenting your completed academic poster.  

  • Prepare a 3 sentence synopsis of your work that highlights the purpose, findings and implications. 
    • This will help folks quickly grasp the topic and importance of your work.  
    • It may prompt questions and encourage engagement.
  • Practice delivering your synopsis.
  • Allow folks to view your poster at their own pace.
  • Be prepared to briefly cover the content in each section of your poster.  
  • When talking about your work, use your poster!  Point to charts, figures, diagrams that visualize important information or major findings.
  • Check with your audience to see if you have been clear.
  • Make eye contact with folks who step up to your poster after you start presenting it so they feel included in your talk.
  • Encourage connection! Bring a one-page copy of your poster, business cards, reprints of your relevant papers.  Consider a sign-in sheet to facilitate follow up.