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Statistics & Data for Health: CDC Data Resources

Resources to help with public health assignments and research


If you are not sure where to look for specific CDC statistics or want to browse the datasets available, start with CDC WONDER (Wide-ranging Online Data for Epidemiologic Research).

CDC WONDER provides a menu of different databases under three tabs. The first tab, WONDER systems, highlights some databases things like AIDS data, birth and death data, environmental data, and population data. Under the second tab, Topics, you will find a long list of specific databases across a variety of health-related subjects. The third tab, A-Z index, provides an alphabetical list of databases.

WISQARS and other CDC Databases

In addition to WONDER, the CDC also operates other data portals for statistics, like the Web-based Injury Statistics and Query System (WISQARS). Portals like WISQARS allow users to query databases of specific data that are not covered by WONDER. There are other portals than WISQARS, such as Interactive Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke, Chronic Disease Indicators and others. To find data check the Topics list provided by WONDER, and keep in mind that navigating other portals may be different from WISQARS.

WISQARS provides data on injuries in the US, broken up by fatal and nonfatal injuries, and the cost of injuries. There are additional subcategories, for instance Fatal Injuries has a separate portal for violent fatal injuries.

CDC Data Portal and Raw Data

If you are looking for raw data there are few different areas of the CDC website to check in. 

CDC Data Portal

For raw data that can be shared publicly (i.e. it does not have sensitive private information) you can try the CDC data portal at There are a number of preset categories displayed in boxes on the data portal’s homepage or you can click on ‘Browse all’ to search them all. From Browse All you can search with keywords in the search bar at the top and filter your searchers using the options to the left, including Categories, Type, Tags and Domain.

The results may include files like maps, stories, calendars and other things, so if you are only looking for datasets, select that option from the View Types filter on the left.

De-identified Vital Statistics

For raw vital statistics data (births, deaths, and related data) the Vital Statistics Online Data Portal has US data files, US Territories data files, and user guides all organized by year. While these datasets are deidentified, make sure to read the Data Use Agreement and Data Use Policy before using these data files.

Sensitive Raw Data

For raw data that may include sensitive information there are a few different sources. The CDC’s Research Data Center allows researchers to access restricted data through a mediated application process. Instructions on how to apply and what the process is like are on this page and the FAQ can answer general questions. For other questions email