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Statistics and Data for Health

Resources to help with public health assignments and research


International bodies, like the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and other United Nations agencies and the World Bank collect official statistics and survey data reported by member countries and national agencies. Data may be missing or incomplete for some countries. The same statistics may be available on on several UN agency data portals, but with different search interfaces. If you cannot find what you need in one source, check the other sources or use the search tools.

For the most current and additional statistics, check the census bureau for the country or the national statistics office. The ministry of health for a country may also post relevant statistics. For historical statistics and data, use the search tools.

The four main data sources, while listed for a section, may be used to find health statistics for other sections and many health and related topics.

National Statistics Offices and Ministries of Health

Vital Statistics/Demographics

Health Care Statistics

Population-based statistics

For population groups not listed, use search tools or ask a librarian.

Unique items

Several of the sources below monitor progress toward health equity and well-being for all. There is also statistics on US foreign aid for health.

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