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Immigration and the American Dream: ANTH 0831

a personal look at the immigrant experience as expressed through the immigrants' own voices


Use Library Search to find which books, journal titles, DVDs and other materials are available in the TU library collections.

Use the Subject search in Library Search to locate books about ethnic groups in general, or about specific ethnic groups; for books in general, use ETHNICITY or IMMIGRATION AND EMMIGRATION -- UNITED STATES as a search term; for books about specific groups in America, in most cases, use the name of the group followed by the word AMERICANS. If the name of the groups consists of two or more words, enclose the words in quotes .

For example, if you wanted to locate books about the Chileans in the United States, a subject search in Library Search using "CHILEAN AMERICANS" as the search term, would generate a list of books with subject headings for CHILEAN AMERICANS. Refer to the box on the left side of this page for a list of Library of Congress subject headings for ethnic American groups.

To obtain books which are not owned by TU Libraries, which are missing, or which are checked out, use EZ-Borrow. Books arrive within 3 to 5 days and can be picked up on Main Campus at the Circulation desk in Tuttleman. If you cannot find the book you are looking for in the E-ZBorrow database, use Interlibrary Loan.

LC Subject Headings for Ethnic Americans

The Library of Congress procedure for creating subject headings for ethnic American groups is to follow the name of the ethnic groups with the word Americans; for example, German Americans, or Panamanian Americans. This is not true in some cases, notably with Native American groups and Jews. Refer to the list below.

  • Acadians​
  • Afghan Americans
  • African Americans
  • Albanian Americans
  • Amish 
  • Apache Indians  
  • Arab Americans
  • Armenian Americans
  • Asian Americans
    •  See also East Indian Americans
  • Austrian Americans
  • Bangladeshi Americans
  • Basque Americans
  • Belarusian Americans 
  • Belgian Americans
  • Blackfoot Indians

   See Siksika Indians

  • Bosnian Americans 
  • Brazilian Americans 
  • British Americans
  • Cambodian Americans
  • Canadian Americans
  • Cape Verdean Americans 
  • Carpatho-Rusyn Americans

   See also Ruthenian Americans

  • Cherokee Indians 
  • Chilean Americans
  • Chinese Americans
  • Choctaw Indians
  • Colombian Americans
  • Costa Rican Americans
  • Creek Indians
  • Creoles 
  • Croatian Americans
  • Cuban Americans
  • Czech Americans
  • Danish Americans
  • Dominican Americans
  • Dutch Americans
  • Ecuadorian Americans
  • Egyptian Americans 
  • Ethiopian Americans 
  • Filipino Americans
  • Finnish Americans
  • French Americans 
  • German Americans
  • Ghanaians -- United States
  • Greek Americans 
  • Guamanian Americans
  • Guatemalan Americans
  • Guyanese Americans 
  • Gypsy Americans

   See Romanies -- United States  

  • Haitian Americans
  • Hawaiians
  • Hmong Americans
  • Honduran Americans
  • Hopi Indians
  • Hungarian Americans
  • Icelandic Americans
  • Inuit
  • Iranian Americans
  • Irish Americans
  • Iroquois Confederacy

   See Six Nations

  • Israelis United States
  • Italian Americans
  • Jamaican Americans
  • Japanese Americans
  • Jews -- United States
  • Korean Americans
  • Laotian Americans
  • Latvian Americans
  • Lebanese Americans
  • Liberian Americans
  • Lithuanian Americans
  • Mexican Americans
  • Mormons
  • Navajo Indians 
  • Nez Perce Indians 
  • Nigerian Americans 
  • Norwegian Americans
  • Ojibawa Indians 
  • Oneida Indians
  • Pacific Islander Americans 
  • Paiute Indians 
  • Pakistani Americans
  • Palestinian Americans
  • Panamanian Americans
  • Polish Americans
  • Portuguese Americans
  • Pueblo Indians
  • Puerto Ricans
  • Romanian Americans
  • Romanies -- United States
  • Russian Americans
  • Salvadoran Americans 
  • Samoan Americans
  • Scottish Americans 
  • Serbian Americans 
  • Sierra Leonean Americans
  • Sioux Indians
  • Six Nations 
  • Slovak Americans
  • Slovenian Americans 
  • South African Americans
  • Spanish Americans 
  • Swedish Americans
  • Swiss Americans
  • Syrian Americans
  • Taiwanese Americans
  • Thai Americans 
  • Tlingit Indians
  • Tongan Americans
  • Turkish Americans
  • Ukrainian Americans

       See also Ruthenian Americans

  • Vietnamese Americans 
  • Welsh Americans
  • Yemeni Americans
  • Yupik Eskimos