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Technology: Bambulab X1 Carbon - Podiatry Library

Bambulab X1 Carbon


The Bambulab X1 Carbon is a high-end 3D printer designed for professionals and advanced hobbyists, capable of printing with a wide range of materials including carbon fiber composites. It features a sizable build volume, high-speed printing, and high-resolution capabilities. Key attributes include automatic bed leveling, multi-material printing, an enclosed design for temperature stability, a user-friendly touchscreen interface, and various connectivity options like USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. It is known for its robust build quality and advanced features, making it ideal for demanding engineering and design applications.


Podiatry Library has 1 type of filament, PLA, available with this printer. PLA is a common material used in FDM 3D Printing. It is readily available and makes a great thermoplastic for rapid prototyping. Please see the Podiatry Library 3D Printer Policy for more information.