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Urban Studies

A guide to resources for Urban Studies

Research Centers

Center for Urban and Regional Affairs. 'An all-University applied research and technology center at the University of Minnesota that connects faculty and students with community organizations and public institutions working on significant public policy issues in Minnesota.'

Center for Urban Policy Research. 'A component of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers, nationally and internationally recognized for its research on affordable housing, land use policy, environmental impact analysis, state planning, public finance, land development practice, historic preservation, infrastructure assessment, development impact analysis, the costs of sprawl, transportation information systems, environmental impacts, and community economic development. It has developed a wide array of fiscal, environmental, transportation, and quality of life impact models that have been used in major public policy evaluations throughout the United States.'

Center for Urban Studies. 'Since 1967, the Center has been committed to serving Detroit and its metropolitan area by conducting and disseminating research, developing policies and programs, and providing training, capacity-building, and technical assistance. Through these approaches, the Center participates in defining and influencing local, regional, state and national urban policy....

Center on Urban Poverty and Social Change. 'The Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development (the Poverty Center) works to inform public policy and program planning through data and analysis to address urban poverty, its causes, and its impact on communities and their residents. Since its founding in 1988, its mission has broadened to understand and address poverty by delving into its human, social, and economic implications as experienced at the levels of the family and community.

Comparative Urban Studies Project. 'For more than two decades the Wilson Center’s Comparative Urban Studies Project has explored the importance of effective governance and inclusion for nurturing livable cities around the world.  The Project has worked with numerous partner institutions to produce numerous critically acclaimed reports, edited volumes, and monographs.'

Great Cities Institute. 'The University of Illinois at Chicago’s Great Cities Institute is a research hub for scholars, policymakers, and stakeholders who share an interest in finding answers to the question, “What can cities and regions do to make themselves into great places?” The Great Cities Institute (GCI) represents UIC’s commitment to “engaged research” while contributing to its stature as a Research One University thereby highlighting the value of quality research for addressing today’s urban challenges.

Institute for Policy Research. 'The Institute for Policy Research (IPR) is an interdisciplinary public policy research institute founded in 1968 at Northwestern University. Our mission is to stimulate and support excellent social science research on significant public policy issues and to disseminate the findings widely—to students, scholars, policymakers, and the public.'

Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research. 'In 1988, Lewis Mumford and his wife were living in their home in Amenia, in upstate NY.  At this time, a group of urban scholars from the University at Albany visited the Mumfords to discuss their plans for a Center whose work would be both comparative and historical in scope.  The idea was to create an interdisciplinary venue where scholars could exchange ideas and collaborate on a wide range of projects focusing on the urban political economy.  With the Mumfords' endorsement, the Center was formally established on April 8, 1988 under the leadership of Ray Bromley, Professor of Geography and Planning.  Since then, the Center has sponsored a number of local, national, and internationally-based initiatives and gathered together scholars and students interested in urban and regional research. Click here to see a list of the past events.'

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. 'The mission of the Manhattan Institute is to develop and disseminate new ideas that foster greater economic choice and individual responsibility. The Institute serves as a leading voice of free-market ideas, shaping political culture since its founding in 1977. Ideas that have changed the United States and its urban areas for the better—welfare reform, tort reform, proactive policing, and supply-side tax policies, among others—are the heart of MI’s legacy. While continuing with what is tried and true, the Institute is constantly developing new ways of advancing its message in the battle of ideas.

Project for Public Spaces: PPS. 'Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people create and sustain public spaces that build strong communities. It is the central hub of the global placemaking movement, connecting people to ideas, resources, expertise, and partners who see place as the key to addressing our greatest challenges.'

SACRPH: Society for American City and Regional Planning History. 'The Society for American City and Regional Planning History (SACRPH) is an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to promoting scholarship on the planning of cities and metropolitan regions over time, and to bridging the gap between the scholarly study of cities and the practice of urban planning.'

Urban History Association. 'The Urban History Association was founded in Cincinnati in 1988 for the purpose of stimulating interest and forwarding research and study in the history of the city in all periods and geographical areas. It is affiliated with the International Planning History Society.'

Urban Institute. 'The Urban Institute is the trusted source for unbiased, authoritative insights that inform consequential choices about the well-being of people and places in the United States. It is a nonprofit research organization that believes decisions shaped by facts, rather than ideology, have the power to improve public policy and practice, strengthen communities, and transform people’s lives for the better.

Urban Land Institute. 'ULI is the oldest and largest network of cross-disciplinary real estate and land use experts in the world. ULI is its members. Through our members' dedication to the mission and their shared expertise, the Institute has been able to set standards of excellence in development practice.'