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History of Caribbean Culture: AAS 1165

Relational qualities of African-sage philosophy, the poeticist and narrative qualities of non-European thinking in Caribbean cultures.

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Afro-Caribbean World



  • The rage of Caliban : Nietzsche and Wilde : contra modernity

B3318.A4 M25 2006
Subjects: Question of Woman; Style, Not Sincerity and Definitely Not Metaphysics; Question of Text. Discovery, modernity and modernism.

  • Caliban and the witch

HQ1147.E85 F444x 2004   

  • Shakespeare's hand

PR2976. G578 2003
Topics considered: the desired texts of Romeo and Juliet -- Romeo and Juliet's open Romances -- Under the covers with Caliban.

  • Beyond the Binary : reconstructing cultural identity in a multicultural contex

HM131.B475 1999

  • Masking and power : carnival and popular culture in the Caribbean / Gerard Aching. 

GT4223.A2 A25 2002

  • Contemporary Black men's fiction and drama 

PS153.N4C645 2001  

  • The difference place makes : gender, sexuality, and diaspora identity / Angeletta K.M. Gourdine

PR9265.9.C55Z68 2002

  • An Intellectual History of the Caribbean

F 2169.T677x 2006

  • Calibanic Discourse 

PR2833.V38 1991
With The Tempest’s character, Caliban, Shakespeare created an archetype for the modern era depicting black men as slaves and savages who threaten civilization. As contemporary black male fiction writers have tried to free their subjects and themselves from this legacy to tell a story of liberation, they often unconsciously retell the story, making their heroes into modern-day Calibans.