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Market Research

A guide to consumer, product, and market research.


Mergent Intellect

Mergent Intellect contains a collection of worldwide business information to generate insightful business intelligence, and includes U.S and international business data, industry news, facts and figures, and demographic and psychographic information from Nielsen (PRIZM).  

  • You can find that information when you select "Demographic" from the menu of segments.  Input a County, Zipcode or CIty and you will get a series of demographic reports.

Mintel Market Research

The Mintel Market Research Database provides information about specific product categories as well as consumer markets. It contains Experian Simmons National Consumer Studies market research and Global Market Insite data, as well as exclusive Mintel analysis of market trends and segmentation.

Global Market Insite (GMI). Founded in 1999, GMI’s double opt-in U.S. online consumer panel contains approximately 4 million U.S. consumers.

Experian Simmons National Consumer Study. Mintel reports frequently draw on the Experian Simmons National Consumer Study (single source measurement of major media, products, services, and in-depth consumer demographic and lifestyle/psychographic characteristics).

Login to the interface with you TU Accessnet ID and password.  You will see the message "Mintel Academic Access Login Successful. You have successfully logged on.  Please read the Conditions of Use – Academic." Click Agree to enter.  Then create your profile.

MRI/Mediamark University Reporter

Find out who buys what products and the media and lifestyle choices of those consumers with Gfk Mediamark Research & Intelligence's MRI University Reporter. MRI surveys annually more than 20,000 consumers throughout the continental United States. 

Connect to this database using your Temple University Email Address and password, and make sure that you’re using MS Internet Explorer or an Apple browser (this database does not work well with Mozilla Firefox).  

IMPT: Create a new Gfk MRI Account.  The MRI application has been upgraded and all previous accounts have been discarded.  It is now the MRI University Internet Reporter (UIR).  Once you've created your account, verified your TU email and added a password to your account you are ready to begin using the MRI UIR.  



SimplyAnalytics provides insights into consumer behavior on attitudes, lifestyles, and specific brands for all of America's media markets on a local level. Create reports and professional quality thematic maps using thousands of demographic, marketing, and business variables, including population, age, race, income, access to media, and more.

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