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Landscape Architecture

Resources for Landscape Architecture research


image of landscape with treeThis Guide will provide a basic introduction to the library resources available to you in landscape architecture and related areas.  Since this area of study is so broad and interdisciplinary, your resources will be from many different areas of research. 

It is also recommended that you look at the Horticulture Research Guide for information on related sources.

Due to the breadth of this subject area, print materials might be located right here in the Ambler Library, Charles Library or our library depository at main campus.  If the material you need is in one of these other locations, you may request circulating material be sent to Ambler. This process should take approximately 3 days, but you will receive an e-mail when your material is waiting for you here at the Ambler Library on the Self Serve shelf near the service desk. Remember we are here to help you. You may also make an appointment with me, and we'll meet on Zoom, or possibly in person!

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Library Search is your gateway to discover books, journal articles, and much more at Temple University Libraries. Additional information can be found in our Library Search FAQ's.

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