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Anatomy at Ginsburg

Ginsburg offers a variety of resources for the study of anatomy.

Acland's Human Anatomy DVDs

Presents dissections of unembalmed human bodies, allowing access to specific content through indexes and keyword searches. The specimens rotate relative to the camera, giving a three-dimensional view. Synchronized narration introduces strutures and their relationships. Links to section contents and index appear throughout; the main menu offers access to the index, table of contents (including review) and glossary for each disc.

DVDs and CD on Reserve

Acland's DVDs and CD are available on reserve.

Reserve items go out for 2 hours. One copy per series is available for overnight checkout after 3 pm.


DVD 1: Upper Extremity (2 copies)

DVD 2: Lower Extremity (2 copies)

DVD 3: The Trunk (2 copies)

DVD 4: Head and Neck, Part 1 (1 copy)

DVD 5: Head and Neck, Part 2 (2 copies)

DVD 6: Internal Organs (2 copies)

CD: Acland's cross-sectional navigator (1copy)