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Introducing the Digital Humanities

This guide provides a list of resources and brief descriptions of several varying areas that encompass the digital humanities.

What is making?

Exploring humanities through physical materials, physical objects and other forms of building, including software development, is what making is about.  Whether it's 3D printing, 3D scanning, circuitry, software applications or other interactions with materials making can help answer and raise questions.  Digital humanists have been 3D printing copies of historical devices, turning schematics into 3D models and creating software to help illustrate or answer questions.


For more on Physical Computing, visit our Libguide on the subject!


To learn more about critical making at Temple University, please visit the Digital Scholarship Center's Makerspace on the Ground Floor of Paley Library. 

Learn more about Makerspaces and DSC resources available on the Temple DSC blog.


Example Projects