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Guide to books, videos and DVD's, journal articles, online resources, and more in Dance.

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Question: Why would you use Google Book Search?

Answer: Google Book Search searches the full-text of the books in its inventory. Because Google Book Search lets you search within books, you can see a table of contents or an index or just a portion of a book.  You can then locate the book in a library.

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- Dancing

GV1585 - Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
GV1601 - Dance – History
GV1743 - National Dances. Folk dances and dancing
GV1751-1753.5 - Social dancing. Ballroom dancing
GV1763 - Square dances. Quadrilles. Country dances.
GV1781-1783.5 - Theatrical dancing
GV1785-1786 - Dance – Biography see also Biography
GV1787 - Ballet
GV1799 - Dance for children

ML3400+ - Dance music