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American Literature & Society: ENG 3341

Research help for the course, ENG 3341: Immigrant Narratives and Discourse of Americanization

Why Use Book Reviews?

'Book Review' by Trending Topics 2019 CC BY 2.0 ( reviews for creative works (fiction, poetry, short stories) are often written by journalists or fellow authors and are a good measure of contemporary reaction to a work. They often appear in newspapers, magazines, or online (blogs and review websites) and can be as brief as one paragraph or several thousand words. Book reviews generally do not contain the kind of in-depth analysis found in literary criticism written by scholars. 

When and Why You Should Use Book Reviews:

  • You need to know how/whether readers reacted to a work when it was initially published 
  • You need examples of other contemporaneous works that were compared or mentioned in conjunction with the work in question

Remember: Creative works are generally reviewed near the date of publication or within the first few years after publication, so target your searches. Also, for older works, look for book reviews that may have appeared for subsequent special editions or reprints in later years.

Find Book Reviews

Looking for original reviews of your author's work? Try using the sources below to determine how your author's work was initially received!