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Shakespeare in Movies: ENG 0822, ENG 0922

Research help for the course, "Shakespeare in Movies."

Why Use Books?

stack of booksBooks written by scholars and published by university presses are a good source of information for many topics.

When and Why You Should Use Books:

  • You need good historical overviews of topic
  • You need broad coverage of one or more topics
  • You need a summary of existing research on a topic

Remember: Books may contain less recent information, often due to a lengthy publication process. Also, you may only need to read one chapter of a scholarly book!

Find Ebooks at Temple

book iconLooking for an Ebook or Ebook chapter? Use the Library Search to find Ebooks on your topic at Temple.


 Need additional help on how to use ebooks? See the topic guide, Ebooks - Finding & Using


Search Strategies for Finding Books in the Library Search

Light bulb aglowUse and combine some of the following keyword suggestions to find books in the Library Search that may include scholarly commentary on Shakespeare's plays as well as any film adaptations:

  • The playwright's name -- e.g. Shakespeare
  • The title of the play -- e.g. "Henry V" (Tip: place the title in quotes to focus you search)
  • The name of the film director -- e.g. Kenneth Branagh
  • Words that represent film -- e.g. cinema, movies, film, screen, "film adaptations"
  • Words that represent commentary -- e.g. criticism (Tip: books that include literary commentary are frequently tagged with the word "criticism")

Search box with Shakespeare and "Henry V" typed in it


Search box with Shakespeare and cinema typed in it


Search box with "Henry V" and "film adaptations" typed in it


Search box with Shakespeare and "Henry V" and criticism typed in it